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For more information about any of the services offered below, please get in touch to discuss your needs. I am currently based in Bristol, in the South West of England.

Consultation: Individuals, groups and other institutions have asked me to provide input on research, projects and other endeavours that they are undertaking. I am particularly keen to do so when it involves social and global justice, or areas of contextual behavioral science (CBS) such as ACT and RFT.

Teaching and training: I enjoy providing training and education services to different groups of individuals including undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals. Work in this area has taken the form of workshops, one off lectures and longer lecture courses.

Supervision: The majority of my supervision work has involved assistant and trainee clinical psychologists within the NHS. I also provide supervision to other professionals, outside of the NHS, especially when they are seeking to improve their ACT or mindfulness skills.

Clinical services (therapy): The vast majority of my clinical work is carried out within the NHS. I consider offers of private and medico-legal work on a case by case basis, but my teaching and research commitments tend to take priority.

As a clinical psychologist, I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a 'Practitioner Psychologist'. The HCPC encourage members of the public and employers to check the registration details of health professionals online. Follow this link to check the register (opens external site).

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